[How-to] Setup Custom or Sub-Domain for Profile at User CV network

1. Custom Full root domain like http://www.example.com or http://example.com

2. Custom Sub-domain like- http://something.example.com

1. We will go through the first "Custom Full Root Domain"

To use your own Custom full domain, you will need to follow the below steps:-

1. Signup with Cloudflare.com 

2. Now, Click on "Add site" in your Cloudflare account.

3. Follow the Cloudflare process and wait until, Cloudflare says, "Your Domain is Active".

4. Once the domain is "Active", Go to "DNS Settings".

5. There on top, you will see:- 

  Type   Name Value TTL   A   yourdomain.com      points to xxx.xxx.xxx.xx (Some IP)      Automatic  

You will need to delete above record by clicking on "X" button.

6. You'll then create the CNAME  type record with name "@" of value “username.usercv.com”. You'll substitute username.usercv.com with your Sub-domain URL on UserCV

7. You are done. DNS propagation may take some time. Don't get panic, if it's not instantly updated. 

8. If you want to redirect "www" to non-www, you can set page rule. By going to "Page Rule" option of Cloudflare.  Click on Add Setting, Choose Forwarding URL, with Status code of "301 Permanent Redirect" and Value "http://youDomain.com".

2. If you want to use Sub-Domain of your Domain

This is a simple setup if you're using a subdomain such as blog.myDomain.com.  


1.  All you need to do is create a CNAME for your desired subdomain and have it point to "usercv.com" .


Keep in mind that DNS records can take time—sometimes up to 24 hours—to propagate across the web. Don't be surprised if your changes aren't reflected immediately.

After you've verified the new domain name working, go back to the Edit/Profile of UserCV.com and update your "url" where, it says, "I have my own domain name" with your sub-domain, you just created, i.e, "blog.myDomain.com".

Note : Do not provide "http://" or "https://" in "URL" box.

For any help, leave below comments and the team will help you out.

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